What is Distributed Learning

Distributed Learning is a method of instruction that relies primarily on communication at a distance between students and teachers including phone, email or other electronic-based delivery like video chat and online chat apps. Students do not attend formal classes on-site.

Who Can Enroll at FCOL

FCOL currently has courses available for students from Grade 4-12 who are motivated to learn online at their own pace, in their own space. This includes continuing education, full time enrolment on track to graduate or part time cross enrolment students looking to complete a course or two online while still attending traditional schools.

Do the courses at FCOL count toward high school graduation?

Yes. All of these courses have been accredited for use in the regular British Columbia education system, and many are also approved in Alberta. Some are approved in other jurisdictions as well, but if you are intending to graduate with a diploma from somewhere other than British Columbia, please let us know so we can make sure that the courses will count.

Can I take one course here if I’m a student somewhere else?

Yes. This is called cross enrolling. We will have to talk to your other school, but we should be able to work it out.

How does online learning compare to regular school classes?

Online school is much more self-directed. You pick the hours and where you work. We are here to help, but students often work on their own.

How long does a course take?

All courses are designed to take 120 hours of student work. There will be some variation depending on the student’s ability to focus, but this is the intent. 120 hours is six weeks at 20 hours a week, or 120 weeks at one hour a week, so how long that 120 hours takes to complete is totally dependent on the student. Students may be provided with deadlines for assignments by their teachers. Adult students will be more self-directed in their timelines.

How will I write tests?

Tests above grade 7 need to be invigilated. This means that an impartial person needs to watch the student take the test. This can be done at a local school or we can make other arrangements if this is not possible. We provide times for students to take tests in Hope and Agassiz, and we will help arrange for tests to be taken in a suitable location by students who live elsewhere.

Are there deadlines?

Yes, but we can be flexible. Regular full-time students will have deadlines provided that will allow them to progress through a grade level in a school year. Exceptions can be made for adult students, students enrolling later in the year, and in extraordinary circumstances.

Can I get in-person help

Yes. We have offices in Hope and Agassiz, and we will provide times for students to schedule in-person meetings with their teacher. We can also provide support online through voice or video chat.

What are the tech requirements to take a course

You need reliable internet that is fast enough to watch YouTube without glitching.

You will need a device with a browser and the ability to play YouTube videos. Most laptops and tablets are okay, but the browser needs to be up to date. iOs devices often have a problem with Safari, so Google Chrome works in those cases. It is possible to access the course material on a phone, but not recommended as your only device. Generally, the newer and more powerful your device is smoother things will run. If you are using a tablet we would recommend using a wireless keyboard.

For many courses, you need access to a printer to print out learning guides and project templates.

You need access to a word processor. There are free options, such as Google Docs and Open Office.

A reasonably up-to-date phone is helpful for creating pdf copies of paper assignments to hand in online.

How do I register

Students under the age of 18 need to have a parent fill out the referral form here. Students 18 and over can fill out the form themselves. Once the form is filled out we will contact you once we have had a chance to review the application.

Can I get help choosing my courses and planning my graduation?

Yes. We are ready to help. If you are not sure which courses you need but want to apply, fill in the application and include as much information you can about the courses you want, but make sure to make a note that you want someone to contact you to help make sure you are getting the courses you need.